Course Care

This is your golf course, so it is your responsibility to leave the course in the best possible condition for fellow golfers.


  • Assist the recovery of any GUR areas marked out by white lines or white pegs by avoiding them where possible.


  • Avoid standing too close to the hole.
  • Place the flagstick down by hand. Don’t drop the flagstick on the green.
  • Retrieve your golf ball from the hole by hand. Don’t use your putter.
  • Take care to replace the flag in the centre of the cup, to avoid damaging the sides.


  • Drive on paths wherever possible.
  • Don’t drive on tee-off areas, between bunkers and greens, or within ten metres of any green.
  • In the approach to the greens, don’t drive between the solid blue lines and the greens.



  • Carry a sand bucket with you at all times.
  • Use an iron to knock the sides of the divot back into place.
  • Top-dress the divot area lightly with sand.


  • If you need to play your ball out of a bunker, you must smooth the sand afterward.


  • Place the rake next to your entry/exit point on the edge of the bunker.
  • Walk in and play your shot.
  • Retrace your steps and swap out your club for the rake.
  • Return to where you played your shot and rake, using a push-pull action and working your way backwards towards the edge of the bunker.
  • As you progress toward the edge of the bunker and exit, push the sand toward the centre of the bunker.
  • Please rake the bunkers as you would like to find them and place the rakes in the bunkers, smooth side down and handle pointing towards the tee box, where possible.



  • Carry a single or dual-pronged divot repair tool with you at all times. (Yes, oddly enough, this tool is not used to repair divots!)
  • Insert the prong(s) into the ground around the impact zone and push the handle towards the centre of the pitchmark, moving the soil underneath the grass toward the pitchmark.
  • Lightly tap down the area with the sole of your putter head.