Young golfers are important for the future of the game and they also represent the future of our club. We have a number of avenues available to help junior players develop their skills, etiquette and self-discipline.


Subsidized clinics are run every month by the club teaching Professional. Additional clinics are run prior to the commencement of pennants.


  • For juniors aged 6 – 15 yrs
  • Supervised golf skills on the practice fairway
  • Chipping and putting
  • Advancement to playing holes on the golf course
  • Regular golf clinics with a Club Professional to learn and improve golf skills.

When: Friday afternoons from 4pm
Cost: $60 per term (March to July) (August to December)


  • Individual coaching or other group coaching is available from the Teaching Professional at any other time.


For junior golfers who have attained a handicap standard, competitions take place every Sunday morning. The 1st Tee is reserved for this group from 8am to 9am. Sub junior golfers may take part in a nine-hole competition from the yellow markers when they have satisfied the Club Professional as to their ability. There is a Junior Championship held in conjunction with the Club Championships every year.


Wanneroo Golf Club operates a scholarship scheme, which will assist in payment of fees, certain competition entry and other benefits. To qualify, several factors including attitude, commitment, participation in events at Wanneroo and other courses and a desire to improve and become a better golfer must be displayed.


Wanneroo Golf Club enters a team in the metropolitan pennant competition every year and each junior is encouraged to aspire to becoming a pennant team member.

See the pathway to becoming a golfer and a junior member of the Wanneroo Golf Club here.